What Would You do with Wicker Furniture Here Are 26 Awesome Ideas ...

By Eliza

What Would You do with Wicker Furniture Here Are 26 Awesome Ideas ...

Wicker furniture has come a long way since its invention. Now you can find affordable and lovely pieces that are also sturdy and perfect for every room of your house. Sure, it looks fabulous on your back deck, but so many of your choices today are perfect for putting right in your house. Don't believe me? Have a peek at this wicker furniture.

1 Casual Dining Room

Via hgtv.com
See what I mean? Wicker furniture looks outstanding inside.

2 Outdoor Room

Via Relax Inside a Calming Ohio
Of course, it also looks fantastic on your patio or in an outdoor room.

3 Add Some Cushions

Via Favorite “Pins” Friday! - Beneath
Cushions on your wicker furniture makes it super comfy, no matter where you put it.

4 Outdoor Cocoon

Via Outdoor Wicker Furniture Collection from
If I had one of these, I would never get out. Wouldn't you love to have this?

5 Round Chairs

Via 12 Ways to Outfit a
This set proves that you can find super trendy and fun wicker furniture so you don't have to give up your style.

6 Living Room

Via The Best Decorating Rules to
When your living room looks like this, it will be the place that everyone wants to hang out in.

7 Porch Decor

Via Porch Decor 30 Perfect Porches
I love how the green complements the color of the wicker.

8 Rocking Chairs

Via 33 Creative Porch Decorating Ideas
I think a wicker rocking chair would totally complete my back patio.

9 Beach House

Via 47 Beachy Porches and Patios
You almost can't have a beach house without having some wicker furniture.

10 Wicker Furniture Make over

Via Alkemie: Make an Art Project
Wicker is easy to paint so you can make it exactly as you want it.

11 Bright Color

Via Decorating Updates for Less
Paint in a bright color will add life to any room.

12 Like a Big Blue Peacock

Via wicker furniture from the family
Where would you put this lovely chair?

13 For Lounging

Via Roses and Rust: Grey Goodness
If I ever buy wicker furniture, these lounge chairs will top my list.

14 Furniture Project

Via Furniture Projects
Some paint for the chair and fabric for the cushions are all you need to get this look.

15 Outdoor Space

If your backyard looked like this, would you ever go in the house?

16 Bohemian Beauty

Via Found It! Matthew Williamson's Chair
There is nothing about this chair that I don't love.

17 For More than One

Via Rioja All-Weather Wicker Sectional Daybed
Several people could lounge out here and have cocktails.

18 With Stripes

Via Feature Friday: Ballard Designs Bosch
Striped cushions are perfect for accenting your wicker chairs.

19 Red

Via A Classic Victorian Summer Cottage
Would you love having red wicker furniture on your porch? Me too!

20 Wicker Couch

Via How to paint wicker furniture
Wicker chairs are awesome, but a wicker couch is pretty great too.

21 All the Same

Via Create a Rustic, Wicker-Filled Porch
Mixed and matched furniture is trendy, but making it all the same color is cool too.

22 Neutral Colors

Via frontgate.com
Neutral colored wicker pairs easily with anything else in the room.

23 Wicker Chest

Via 5 Drawer 1 Door Wicker
Wouldn't this make your bedroom casual and fun? I love it!

24 Several Colors

Via Summer Cottage Wicker Chair
They aren't all the same color, but these pieces of furniture pair really well together.

25 Scalloped Edge

Via The Venus Chair
Wouldn't you feel like a mermaid sitting in this chair?

26 Basket Mega-Lounger

Via 32 Most Interesting Outdoor Furniture
I would love to spend some time relaxing here. Wouldn't you?

Do you like wicker furniture? Where would you put it?

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