What is πŸ€” Nomophobia πŸ“– and Signs 🚦 to Tell πŸ” You Have It ...


What is nomophobia? It is one of the newest phobias on the block, and it pertains to people who are literally fearful and anxious about the prospect of being without their cell phone. I think in this day and age some people can’t even remember a time when they didn’t have their entire life in their pocket, and the thought of being without that total, complete kind of connection and communication can actually put real fear in their hearts! Do you think you might be somebody who could be described as having nomophobia? Here are seven sure signs you have nomophobia!

1. The Check

You constantly find yourself doing β€˜the check’, that little body routine where you pat all possible pockets frantically trying to work out where you might have left your phone, only to realize that it is probably still right there in your hand!