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It's healthy to keep a diary. That way, you'll be able to get all of your feelings out on paper--or on a screen. Since it'll be all too easy for your parents or roommates to find your diary hidden under your bed, you should think about using the Internet to talk about your day. That way, no one will ever find what you've written. Here are a few websites you can use to keep a diary:

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Live Journal

Live Journal When you make an account on Live Journal, you can make posts for other people to see, or you can set them to private, so you're the only person who can see them. Every time you post a new entry, you can type in a title, your current mood, the music you're listening to, and your location. You can even add GIFs to the posts!



Penzu When you head to Penzu, you'll see this quote: "My old paper journals take up so much space and aren’t searchable or taggable." That's the truth! When you write in an online diary, you'll be able to tag each post with someone's name, or with anything else that you'd like. That way, when you want to read about a certain topic, you can just look up that particular tag.


Life Tile

Life Tile Life Tile is a "virtual memory box." You can keep your photos and stories private or you can share them with your friends. The best part? It allows you to choose what happens after you leave this earth. According to the site, "You choose what happens to your content when you die, and whether it is deleted, shared or made public." Isn't that awesome?


One Word

One Word If you can never think of anything interesting to put in your diary, then you should try using One Word instead. It'll give you a prompt at the top of your screen, and you'll have sixty seconds to write about it. Just make sure that it relates to your life, so you feel more like you're writing a diary than a fictional story.


2 App Studio

2 App Studio If you want to write about your day while you're on the go, then you should use 2 App Studio. It's available on laptops, phones, and even watches. That means you'll be able to express your feelings, no matter where you are in the world.


Memi Log

beauty, brown hair, photo shoot, model, romance, If you struggle with writing, then you should use Memi Log. It allows you to talk about your day by using pictures instead of words. That means you can add songs that you've listened to and books that you've read! Of course, you can also upload pictures of your own!



Diary When you head to Diary, you'll see the tagline, which says, "Get inspired and create your own Diary. Browse new Public Pages. It's intimate and fun." If you're too shy to let your friends know how you're feeling, but don't mind letting strangers around the world in on your secrets, then this is the site for you. It'll make you stop thinking that you're alone. There are plenty of people out there supporting you.



guitarist, screenshot, If you're new to online journaling then check out my-diary it's simple to use, very basic formatting, and you can choose if you'd like your posts to be public or private.



room, home, interior design, furniture, Another great site whether you're a newbie or an experienced online journalist, jrnl allows you to do simple or highly edited posts from layout to font and more. Public or private options are available which is also a nice feature.


My E-Journal

human action, flower, autumn, A great site aimed more towards women with its pink appeal, myejournal is another easy to use platform that is uncluttered, has simple navigation, and allows you to jump right in and get to work.

You should definitely keep a diary, so you can look back on all of the fun times you've had. Do you currently keep a diary?

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Yes I do but I don't write as often then I used to

I have always loved writing. I want so much to be able to take time out to keep a journal again. I miss doing that. =)

I'm worried about these websites... How much of it is confidential?

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