7 Ways You Can Support Our Troops ...

Think of all of the ways to support our troops who give up so much to defend us. They fight, putting their lives on the line, to protect our country while spending enormous amounts of time away from their loved ones. They spend months or years away from everything that is familiar and dear to them. There are thousands of ways to support our troops and I really hope that you choose one from this list or come up with a creative idea of your own, and reach out to someone on active duty or a veteran to say β€œThank You” for all that they do.

1. Care Packages

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Care packages are one of the greatest ways to support our troops! You can make them as big or as small as you would like. You can buy all of the components or you can go around and ask local businesses and people throughout your community for donations of products or money to put towards the package. Our soldiers need so many things, from hygiene necessities, food and clothes to games, books and music. Check out give2thetroops.org for the most needed items and any regulations on certain products.

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