7 Ways You Can save Battery Life on Your Phone ...

I wanted to share a few ways you can save battery life on your phone, because we have all had that desperate moment. You know, the one where you are stuck somewhere without a charger for at least another hour and your battery is at 15% or less. This post has a few tips for conserving battery life, and not just to put into practice when you reach that panicky 15%. I’ve written this post with the iPhone in mind, so please forgive me if you have another type of phone. These tips can help conserve and extend battery life all day long, so keep on reading to learn ways you can save battery life!

1. Close out Apps

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Closing out apps is one of the ways you can save battery life for your phone. Leaving apps running when you’re not using them zaps battery life faster than you would believe! And it’s easy to forget to close them out. I’ve had nearly every single app on my phone open and running at once without even realizing it! Get in the habit of closing out apps at least 2 times a day to conserve battery life.

2. Set Your Screen to Auto-lock Sooner

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Your phone uses battery constantly, but the percentage it uses when your screen is asleep and you’re not using your phone is very low. Set your screen to auto-lock so that if you set it down and don’t hit the lock button your phone won’t be laying there wasting battery life. You can set it to auto-lock as soon or as late as you prefer, but the sooner the screen goes to sleep when not in use, the more battery life you preserve!

3. Turn down Screen Brightness

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The only time you really need a super bright screen is when you are in very bright light. Chances are, you generally use your phone in moderately lit areas. Turning down the brightness of your screen can really save some battery juice! You can always adjust it when necessary.

4. Turn off Blue-tooth

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This tip goes for any phone, and not just the iPhone. If your phone has Bluetooth capability, then it should only be on when you are using it. Not only does this save you battery life, but it can also protect you by preventing nearby hackers from gaining access to your phone via Bluetooth and getting to your personal information, up to and including bank info and your contact list!

5. Unplug Your Phone when Fully Charged

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I used to think that the longer I left my phone plugged in, the better it would be for the battery. This isn’t so! In fact, the longer you leave your phone plugged up after it’s fully charged, the worse it is for your phone. Your phone can become dependent on the constant power, leaving the battery to drain much quicker once you do unplug it.

6. Switch off Game Sounds

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I confess, I have quite a few games that I love to play on my phone. If you’re like me, then take a cue from this tip and turn off game sounds in the settings. You can do this without turning your phone to silent. Just go into the game settings, and change sounds to the off position.

7. Turn Your Phone off

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If you find yourself in a position where your phone is nearly dead, and you still have several hours before you can charge it up again, then go ahead and power your phone down. This may not be ideal as a reliable method to conserve battery power on a regular basis, but it does prevent your phone from dying in an emergency, especially when you know you’re going to need it again before you can charge it up!

If you tend to use your phone often throughout the day, it’s a good idea to carry a spare charger in your bag or in your car. But just in case that’s not a possibility, these tips will help you prolong battery life so you don’t need to worry about your phone dying by mid afternoon! In what ways to you preserve battery life on your phone?

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