7 Ways You Can Help Protect the Rainforest ...


You recycle, you save energy, but are you interested in ways you can help protect the rainforest? The rainforests are incredibly important to the ecological balance of Planet Earth, but for so long we have abused it. Our arrogance has stripped away masses of this amazing natural resource and we continue to do so, albeit at not such an alarming rate as previously. The ways you can help protect the rainforest are more than donating to charity or sponsoring an endangered animal. Check these out ways, but be warned โ€“ this might touch on some sensitive and controversial issues, but please make up your own mind as to whatโ€™s right or wrong.

1. Stop Buying Brazilian Beef

Stop Buying Brazilian Beef

This is one of the simplest ways to protect the rainforest and no country has an excuse as to why they cannot switch (except maybe the Brazilian people). America has a massive beef industry and doesnโ€™t need beef from Brazil, and Europe and Australia can all easily provide their own. There is no reason why any country should not switch their beef supply. This especially includes things such as corned beef, even when most countries have laws stating that the beef must be labeled so that people know where it comes from. If you cannot convince your local butchers and stores to stop selling it, then you need to stop buying Brazilian beef and make sure you stop as many other people from buying it as possible. The beef from Brazilian sources is not regulated, which means that not only is the rainforest cut down to feed them, but they may also be riddled with mercury and other heavy metals from the contaminated water and nobody can say a word.

Make Sure Your Tea and Coffee is 100% Forest Alliance Certified
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