9 Ways We Shame 😔 Other Women without ❌ Realizing It 😳 ...

It's painful to think that, as women, we might be shaming other women without even realizing that we're doing, but it happens daily. Not all women do it, of course they don't, but many do, although some of them might not know it. It happens in the real world and it happens with frightening regularity online. We see a topic that we're passionate about or simply have an opinion on, and we dive in with both feet. From that point on, anyone with a different view, opinion, or preference is wrong – and not just wrong, but sometimes stupid, ignorant, slutty, nutty, ugly, fat, ridiculous, uneducated … and so on. Some women wield their opinions like facts and weapons, and the results are never pretty. They're harmful to everyone involved. We need to stop shaming other women. We need to be aware of doing it.

1. Women Shame Other Women for Their Sexual Choices

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Slut-shaming is so commonplace that it's a little terrifying to speak out about your sexual experiences, desires, and opinions, especially on the internet. When the news reports yet another rape, there are still women who ask what the girl was doing, what was she wearing, was she drunk, and why she put herself into that situation. Taylor Swift is called a tease, a slut, and a whore. Women who enjoy sex are berated obviously and subtly, not just by men but also by women. It all goes back to the idea that women who enjoy sex are somehow dirty or loose, but really, isn't it time to stop that mentality?

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