7 Ways to Use Nail Polish Remover ...


7 Ways to Use Nail Polish Remover ...
7 Ways to Use Nail Polish Remover ...

Have you ever wondered if there are any other ways to use nail polish remover than its intended purpose? Nail polish remover is actually quite handy for taking care of a few everyday household issues you may run into! Please keep reading to learn some interesting ways to use nail polish remover!

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Ink Stains

One of the ways to use nail polish remover that might not occur to most people is for removing ink stains! If your child gets a hold of a pen and scribbles on the wall, or your ink pen leaks inside your favorite purse, no worries! Just dab some nail polish remover onto a rag and scrub it all off!


Scuff Marks

Dreaded scuff marks can easily occur on linoleum, tile, or even baseboards. But nail polish remover can come to the rescue! My dog has a rubber toy he loves to play with that leaves black marks on my white floors and walls. I always use nail polish remover to get them off, and it works like a charm!


Keyboard Cleaner

Do you have a white keyboard? Then you know how easy it is for the keys to get sticky and grimy looking. All you need to do to clean it up it to dip a q-tip into nail polish remover and gently wipe the keys! Use a dry rag to follow up, and be careful that you don’t let excess liquids drip into the keys.


Removing Super Glue

Super glue works well for many fast fixes, but I hate using it because it leaves residue all over my fingers! One way to get your paws clean is by using polish remover to scrub off the dried glue residue! If the glue is stuck really tight to your fingers, try soaking your fingers in the polish remover for a few minutes first.


Price Tag Residue

One of the most annoying things ever is buying something new, getting it home, and finding that the price tag has left horrid residue on your new item! You can remedy this problem by taking an old toothbrush and dipping it in polish remover. A little scrubbing and your problem will be easily solved!


Bath Tub Ring

Cleaning the bathtub is not my favorite chore, especially when there is a bad bathtub ring. I’ve found nail polish remover to be quite handy in helping remove the tough stains that bathtub ring leaves behind! Don’t dilute with water to get faster results, and follow up with your favorite bathroom cleaner. That way your bathtub won’t reek of nail polish remover the next time you take a shower!


Refresh Your Old China

If you have some old white china that you love, but it is looking a little worse for the wear, try this trick! Soak a rag in nail polish remover, and then lightly wipe the china down. Wash and dry like normal, and enjoy your like-new sparkling white china!

If you can tolerate the scent of nail polish remover, these ideas will come in handy! I love not having to buy a different product for each of these issues when they arise. Just be cautious and always test a small area of any item you plan to use the remover on to make sure it doesn’t make a bigger mess of things. What uses do you know of for nail polish remover?

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Great article !

It's also great for cleaning artist's and model painting fine brushes

nice thanks

I wish I'd seen #5 before taking the time to pick the residue off of my shirt!

Agree with Susan! Thanks for the article. I have a white blouse I bought 2 months ago that I love and my son scribbled on it with a pen, I put it away saying that one day I would find a "cure" for it lol I hope it works!! Will try it in the morning:)

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