7 Ways to Treat Yourself to a Spa Day at Home ...


If you finally have time off and a free day to yourself, one of the best and most inexpensive ways to spend it is by having a lovely spa day at home! This is such a relaxing way to enjoy your day without blowing tons of cash. Here are some great ideas on how to enjoy a beautifying, relaxing, and refreshing spa day at home.

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Of course, one of the most basic ways to treat yourself to a spa day at home is to give yourself a facial! First, begin with a gentle cleanser. Then, apply your favorite mask that fits your skin type, pop on some cut up cucumbers on your eyes, perhaps a lip mask or treatment, and sit back and relax! This is a great way to refresh your skin and eyes without any rushing or irritating distractions.



Give your hair some treatment by applying a deep conditioner of hot oil. There are tons of DIY hair masks you can find online if you don’t have one. The ingredients are very natural and can surely be found in your kitchen! You have all this time so have fun with it and create one. If you already have one, simply apply it along with your facial and let both sit for 15-30 minutes, depending on the product’s instructions, then relax and rinse!



After you’re done with your hair and facial treatments (or even during), create your at home nail salon! Give yourself a complete manicure and pedicure. This includes applying cuticle oil and cleaning them up, filing nails to a shape of your choice, applying a base, color, and top coat! You’ll feel so confident and glam by the end of the day.


Hot Tub

If you want to relax even more, fill up the tub with hot water, bath salts to relax your muscles, and some bubbles for fun. Grab a glass of wine, if you’re of age, of course, play some spa music or anything else you’d like, and relax!



A really fun and creative activity you can do is to find or create a DIY project. This can be anything from makeup to home improvement and lifestyle projects, crafts, and so much more. Find something that interests you and have fun with it. It’s very exciting to create something by yourself. It’s almost like having a new product without having to purchase it, how great it that?!

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Tea & Movies

Grab some green tea or herbal tea for a good detox and play your favorite TV show or movie on Netflix or DVD. Snuggle up with your pup or kitty, sip on some tea, and enjoy your favorite film. This is a great way to end a spa day!


Invite Your Girls

A great way to enjoy your spa day is to invite some of your girls to join you! It’s such a fun way to spend a girls’ day and night in. It’s nice to have some time with your friends and take a break from your regular routine without feeling unproductive.

I hope you girls enjoy your spa day at home! It is very easy and fun to do this without having to leave your house or damage your bank account! It’s also an opportunity to get creative and have fun with products you have at home. What are some ways you like to spend your spa day at home?

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I love the idea of spending days at home having a luxury spa day - it's the perfect way to prepare for a selfie day

Very interesting

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