5 Ways to Transform Your Bathroom ...

Are you considering a bathroom refurb? Perhaps you’re tired of the décor or a faulty sink, or you inherited it from the previous property owners. Whatever your complaints, there are plenty of ways to refresh the space without gutting it completely and starting again.

The number of people choosing to carry out home improvements rather than moving has increased dramatically in recent years. A renovation here or there comes with far less cost and hassle – and you can find five transformational ideas below.

1. Swap the Suite

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It’s rare to see the 1970s avocado-coloured suite these days. But while yours may not be as drastically in need of an update, as the main feature of a bathroom, a new suite can still make a huge difference.

A luxury bath could take the pressure off at the end of a long day for example. A stylish basin from The Bathroom Showroom meanwhile can make your daily skincare routines a joy.

2. Change the Colour Scheme

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Colour is often the first thing you notice as you enter a room. If your bathroom needs brightening up, consider changing the colour scheme for bright and airy shades such as light blue, cream or peach.

Lighter colours help to make a space feel bigger by reflecting light. That’s not to say you can’t still create contrast with tiles or wall panels…

3. Experiment with Tiles or Wall Panels

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Tiles and wall panels are practical materials for bathrooms – but they can be a design choice too. You could create a feature shower wall that contrasts the rest of your colour scheme, or an interesting mosaic splashback area around the sink.

Playing around with different laying patterns or tile sizes is another way to make your bathroom décor more eye-catching.

4. Change the Lighting Scheme

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As with most rooms in the home, a bathroom should have multiple lighting options to suit different tasks and atmospheres.

As well as bright ceiling lights, a hanging pendant light could add a sense of glamour to a bathing area. An LED mirror meanwhile will better illuminate the kind of grooming activities where it really pays to see exactly what you’re doing.

5. Add Luxury Heating

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Towel rails come in many attractive designs nowadays, and it’s hard to deny the added sense of comfort a warm towel can provide. But for the ultimate in luxury heating on frosty mornings, why not add underfloor heating?

Electric systems are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners and can be retrofitted relatively easily.

Could any of these five ideas transform your bathroom?

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