4. You Don’t Feel a Return

Friendships are different from other partnerships because they’re about acceptance. Unlike a business partnership, you should not just be looking out for the mutual benefits or return of each party.

Though, if you are a person who puts a lot into your friendships - offers help where needed, adjusts your schedule at times, goes all out for their birthday - you’re going to feel a dissonance if there are no returns. Some people show their love differently than others, so try to pinpoint this.If though, you constantly feel like you’re going out on a limb for your friend and she’s not giving back, take a look at the friendship. Also, if you can tell the balance between them and their other friends is more equal, it’s a good sign that you’re not getting back what you give. Try to give a little less, and see if your friend still sticks around!

You Don’t Feel Appreciated
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