9 Ways to Tell if You Have a Toxic Friend ...


All friendships are important, but do you know the many ways to tell if you have a toxic friend? Toxic friends are not good to keep in your life, as they’ll eventually wear on you more and more. Sometimes, even our closest friends can become toxic. Keep the space and time in your life for important friends and family who treat you well and make your life better! Identify the ways to tell if you have a toxic friend, and work on getting them out of your life.

1. You No Longer Feel Good

One of the first ways to tell if you have a toxic friend is if you no longer feel good after hanging out with them. If you come away feeling bad about yourself or certain things in your life--or just simply down - more times than not, you have a toxic friend on your hands. Try to pinpoint what it is that makes you feel down, and take steps to change it. Are they always talking negatively about themselves and their lives? See if your positivity will help change the subject. Do you feel like they’re constantly criticizing or judging you and your choices? Try to tell them you appreciate their advice, but want to let this one go. See how your friend reacts to your change in behavior, and monitor if you start to feel better!

You Watch What You Say
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