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Exceptional Ways to Survive Another Winter for Girls Who Hate the Cold ...

By Leiann

Cold days, dark nights, rain, snow, wind ... it's no wonder a girl needs to know ways to survive winter.

While some of you ladies live in a warm climate year-round, some of us are super jealous and do not. We lather on the moisturizer, blow our noses a million times and console our emotions in fattening comfort foods. For you girls who know what I am talking about, read on for ways to survive winter.

Table of contents:

  1. Exercise
  2. Get fresh air
  3. Do a hobby
  4. Have a good attitude
  5. Don't be afraid
  6. Stay hydrated
  7. Socialize
  8. Learn something new

1 Exercise

Your body will get a good high and warm up.

2 Get Fresh Air

You will feel refreshed and energized.

3 Do a Hobby

Engaged in a hobby will not only reduce stress but also reduce depression and high blood pressure.

4 Have a Good Attitude

Think of winter as an adventure.

5 Don't Be Afraid

Remember, for people in places such as Alaska, it is a part of life. If they can handle it, so can we!

6 Stay Hydrated

This is to keep your energy high and of course, prevent dehydration.

7 Socialize

Host a winter-theme party or a small weekend party and PARTY!

8 Learn Something New

Use winter as a time to sharpen your skills. There are hundreds of FREE courses available online. Look for the free courses on Pinterest.

Get out that sun tea jar and set it in the snow woman. Winter is NOT going to stop you now. Yes, you still need to do your hair! I know toboggans are tempting. If anything, I bet you are smiling. Tackle this winter season...and I hope he's cute.


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