7 Ways to Stick to Your 2014 Resolutions ...


Make this year count by sticking to your 2014 resolutions and don't make this another year of wasted forgotten promises and goals. Resolutions are the perfect kick start to our year, helping us to make positive changes and differences to our lives. Whether you choose to quit smoking (whoop whoop) or shed a few extra pounds, trying to change old habits and start news ones requires bravery and determination. If you want to succeed you need to take your resolutions seriously and get a game plan - after all ยซfailing to prepare is preparing to failยป. So follow my 7 ways to stick to your 2014 resolutions, and achieve the possible (yes - i do mean possible not impossible!)

1. Keep It Simple

I think sometimes people fall short on their resolutions by making them too difficult and detailed. Make sure you pick just one goal that is clear and has a set time frame. When you think about your resolution, will you be able to look back and clearly answer yes or no to whether you have achieved your goal? For example if you want to get fit, donโ€™t make your resolution to exercise every day as you are likely to fall off the wagon at some point โ€“ pick a specific target such as completing a ten kilometre run. Keeping things simple is a sure-fire way to help you stick to your 2014 resolutions.

Make It Visual
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