3. Get Rid of Facebook's Ticker

Some people may like seeing every single little thing their friends do on Facebook, but not me! That is why I have no need for Facebook's new feature called the "Ticker." Unlike the News Feed, which displays status updates, photos, and other important events, the Ticker shows all of that plus everything else your friends are doing, in real time. This includes things they "like," songs they're listening to, and friends they're adding.

Who needs to know all that? The Ticker is integrated into the sidebar on the right side that also has your Facebook chat. On the bottom right of your sidebar, there is an arrow pointing to half a square. Click that to hide your sidebar. When you do that, your Ticker will show up on the right side column next to your News Feed with that same arrow icon above it. Click that to hide the Ticker and when you reopen your Facebook chat, it should be gone!

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