8 Great Ways to Show Gratitude This Thanksgiving ...

Ashlee Best

8 Great Ways to Show Gratitude  This Thanksgiving  ...

Are you looking for ways to show gratitude at Thanksgiving?
Expressing your gratitude will have a positive impact on your health. "Practicing gratitude is linked to better immunity and blood pressure and less loneliness," Time Inc. says.
Here are eight helpful ways to show gratitude at Thanksgiving.

1 Make a List

Making a list is one of the best ways to show gratitude at Thanksgiving. When you think about Thanksgiving coming, think about what you are grateful for. The Matador Network suggests, “make a list of things you are grateful for” and “update it often.” By reflecting on positive aspects of your life you will feel happy and gracious.

2 Write

One creative outlet to express your feelings is through writing.
You can write for yourself or write a message to a person who you care about. “Use specific, concrete terms to describe what the person did, why you’re grateful, and how your life changed as a result,” Time Inc. suggests.

3 Call Someone

If it is difficult to see someone who lives far away the Matador Network advises calling the person and letting them know that you are thinking of them. “Call someone who will appreciate being called,” The Matador Network explains. This can be especially helpful when you want to connect with someone far away over the holidays.

4 Communicate Gratitude through Music

Forbes says another way to express your thanks is through music. When making a music playlist, “show them that you listen to them. If they love TED videos add a TED podcast and three or four different songs,” Forbes explains. By giving them songs you think they will like it shows you care about what their interests. Also, music is a great way to communicate what you are thinking and feeling without having to speak words.

5 Use Sticky Notes

Write a sweet note to someone you care about. Then place the note somewhere in the house for them to find. “Put a sticky note somewhere random that’ll make someone smile,” Live Your Legend explains.

6 Donate

There are several different types of donations you can give, whether that is time, money, or material items. According to the Matador Network, you can “donate money to a cause you believe in,” “donate your time to a cause you believe in,” or even “donate food to someone who needs it.” Giving can be a rewarding experience where both parties benefit in the exchange.

7 Cook

Another way to show your gratitude is through cooking.
You can cook someone’s favorite meal. Surprise them with the meal and make a memory out of it. “Make a friend their favorite meal,” Live Your Legend says.

8 Draw

Art is another expressive outlet. If you have artistic talent, dabble in it. You can also make your own craft project to gift someone. Forbes reports, “There’s a great artist named Brian Andreas and on his site, he has thousands of framed prints that have mini quotes or stories that speak to all different types of people.”