7 Ways to Reduce Phone Anxiety ...

If you avoid answering calls or dialing a number, you need ways to reduce phone anxiety. It's common to feel nervous when making an important call, but it's a worry that you need to overcome. You can't always rely on texting and emailing to get a job done. If you're nervous about speaking through a receiver, try out these simple ways to reduce phone anxiety.

1. Write the Words

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If you're scheduling a hair appointment or having a phone interview, you can plan out what you're going to say. Write it down word for word if you want, but don't be afraid of changing the script. The person on the other end of the line may not ask you the question you were expecting and you don't want to sound robotic. One of the ways to reduce phone anxiety is to be prepared before you make the call. If you're confident in what you're going to say, why worry?

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