7 Ways to Pack for College Effectively ...

It’s getting to that time of year where us college kids gather our lives together and move them to a tiny dorm room. The trick is to pack effectively and get what you need where you need it. Hopefully this will help us all get through the move... I don’t know about all of you but my room is a scattered mess! Here are 7 ways to pack for college effectively...

1. Rubbermaid/Plastic Containers…

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These containers are your best friend when making the move to college. They’re relatively cheap, sturdy, and get the job done. Personally, I got mine from Target and have loved them since. They are a key investment since they can last for a decently long time; trust me it is much easier to move with these than a bunch of cardboard boxes!

2. Seriously Think about What You Really Need…

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I know for the ladies we really need to have our options when it comes to clothes, the key is to make sure you have what you need first. This is probably my biggest obstacle because I can’t even begin to describe the love I have for my clothes. Going through and making sure you have the basics is very important, you wouldn’t want to end up bringing the super cute summer dress when you really needed a sensible pair of jeans.

3. The Clothing Trade…

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This is for the students who are close enough to home to make a weekend trip. If you are like myself and relatively close to home, you can take advantage of a clothing swap. Go home for a weekend and take the clothes you no longer need such as shorts and tank tops, then you can trade them for hoodies and jeans! It saves space when you move, and makes less to cart home on breaks. (Not to mention you can sneak in some home cooking!)

4. Don’t Overwhelm Yourself…

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This is another huge problem! When you see your stack of school things it can be totally overwhelming. The piles of things can seem to be too much, but just remember you’ll be pretty much on your own and will need more than you need at your house with your family. It’s justifiable to have a decent sized stack!

5. Organize!

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I really should take my own advice on this one… Organizing your things is one of the most helpful tips I can give. Keep your clothes in however many containers, electronics in another, and so on. When you unpack your job will be so much easier if you can take it step by step.

6. Just Breathe…

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This is one of the most hectic parts of going to college, as silly as that is. When you work, just breathe and take a break when you need to. It can be scary to see everything you’ve had packed up into boxes to be taken away. I always say it’s hard living out of boxes, but once you’re in the dorms or apartment and you see the new door opening it is all worth the work!

7. Have Some Fun…

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Packing is not a fun task, if you think it is please let me know your secret! Make it fun, turn on some music and dance around to let off some stress! Create a game of some sort. Try and make packing as doable as possible. Personally I’ll be tuning into my favorite week of television… SHARK WEEK!

These are just a few of many tips to be given on packing effectively. I’m not the expert that’s for sure! Eventually everyone gets it down and it becomes second nature. Think of all the doors opening for you when you start your new college life! Do you have any ideas for packing? Please share... it’s a learning experience for us all!

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