7 Ways to Open up Your Home with Light ...

Living in a dark, gloomy home is depressing! Guest contributor Vikki Serpas shares some tips on how to use light to turn your home into a cheerful abode!

There’s nothing appealing about living in a dark dungeon. Actually, it’s a gloomy way of life and can have quite the negative effect on your mood. If you want to turn your depressing home into a bright spot in your life, consider adding light and opening up your space with these seven tips.

1. Paint Your Dark Rooms with Deep Colors

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Instead of trying to brighten your dark rooms with different types of lights, you can embrace the darkness of the rooms and paint the walls with deep colors to make the room feel cozier. A deep charcoal gray is perfect for living room spaces where guests would gather in. Chocolate browns are better suited for bedrooms, creating a comfortable and relaxing space. Greens, blues, and reds work well in bathrooms and kitchens.

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