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7 Ways to Make Your House a Home ...

By Gillian

Making your new house feel comfortable will be easier with the below ways to make your house a home. There is a clear difference between living in a house and living in a home. Think outside the box and bring your creative juices to light by making your space yours! Below are some great ways to make your house a home and love living in it!

1 Research

There are many ways to make your house a home, but start here. Before you go out buying all the pieces to go into your house, you need to decide what look you are going for. Go on Pinterest and look at various magazines to find out what styles or colours you like. Once you have found the style you want in your place, you can always venture off A LITTLE! Make sure you aren't filling your space with clutter. You will also need to be smart about what furniture you buy so the pieces will properly fit into each room.

2 Add a Personal Touch

Sometimes the perfect picture can do wonders in a room. Incorporate a picture of your family, your dog or you best friends into your space to bring the personal touch. Photographs tell the story of your life, so why not show it off?

3 Spend Time at Home

If you don’t spend any time in your place, it will become somewhere you sleep and keep your clothes. Create your emotional relationship with your home by using your table, cooking, baking, cleaning… do something that forces you to interact with the things in your home. Saying no to things in the outside world can be hard, but sometimes it's worth it for your home, peace and comfort in the long run.

4 Scatter Plants

This is a great way to take your house to another level. Plants are minimal responsibility and bring a lot of light and colour into your space. You can grab some on the cheap and add a little funk by placing them in a colourful vase.

5 Add Colour

Make it a warm and inviting space by adding pops of colour with pillows and picture frames. Make sure the colours are within the same colour family, but just different shades. This will add depth to your place and a little bit of your personality.

6 Enjoy the Music

Cooking? Play your go-to music and dance! Music can be the best medicine and can brighten your day. Open your windows and have this time to yourself and your music. Make memories for yourself and enjoy the tunes in your new pad!

7 Throw a Party

This is the most important step! Make memories by spending time with others in your home. Don't worry about the mess they might see or the things that aren’t quite done. Let go of any worry or concern about your new couch or your new vase and just enjoy those times. Take pictures and then display them around the place for the constant memory.

How many of you want to redecorate after reading this? I know I do! These are some great ways to get you started, but my number one tip is to research! Don’t get ahead of yourself just yet. Make sure to look around and figure out your own personal style. What is one thing in your place that brings your whole room together?

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