7 Ways to Maintain Friendships with Long Distance Friends ...

Maintaining long distance friendships is definitely not easy, but thankfully there are ways to maintain long distance friendships. It may take a little bit of work and effort, but it’s worth it when it comes to your best friends! Whether you want to do things the old-fashioned way and write letters, or simply want tips on keeping in contact daily, I’m here to help. The older you get, it feels like more and more of your friendships become long-distance. People move away for college, for jobs, or just for a new start. Thanks to technology, your friendship doesn’t have to change after it becomes long distance, and these ways to maintain long distance friendships will certainly help!

1. Don’t Change Your Habits

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It’s imperative that you keep up your communication habits, even when you’re thousands of miles away. It may be difficult, especially if you’re not in the same country, but to maintain your friendships you need to communicate with them as though nothing has changed. Schedules may be different, communication methods may be different, but finding a way to stay in touch is one of the best ways to maintain long distance friendships.

2. Don’t Treat the Friendship as Any Different

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It can be easy to act as though the friendship has changed because you no longer live near each other and can’t hang out in person, but try to fight that urge. Treat your friendship as though you still live down the street from each other rather than hundreds of miles away.

3. Write Letters

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This is probably the most difficult of the tips. In theory, writing letters back and forth sounds like a ton of fun. In reality, you’ll both write one or two back and forth before you either forget or can’t find time to write a response. That being said, if you can keep up with it, letter writing is an awesome way to keep in touch with all of the big life events you forget to talk about on a day-to-day basis.

4. Set Aside Time and Money to Visit

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Although setting aside money to visit is important, I almost think that setting aside time is even more important. Life gets busy, for both of you, and it can be so difficult to simply find the time for a weekend visit. Clear a weekend in your schedule well in advance so you know that you’ll be able to hang out.

5. Make an Effort

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If you’re transitioning from an in-person friendship to a long-distance friendship, it can be so easy to just let the friendship slip away. You may not be used to putting in a ton of effort to keep communication strong, but it’s necessary when you have long-distance friends.

6. Accept That Things Will Probably Change

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Whether the change is good or bad, your friendship dynamic is going to change. Regardless, it’s better to come to terms with the change before it actually happens rather than be completely blindsided when your dynamic changes.

7. Skype

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I’m going to be honest here; I am the worst at using Skype with my long-distance friends. Most of the time, I can’t be bothered to make myself look presentable enough to “hang out” with my friend via Skype. That being said, Skype is a great way to pretend that you’re still friends in person. You can just go about your daily home life while your best friend hangs along for the ride!

How do you maintain your long distance friendships? Leave me a comment with your own tips!

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