6 Ways to 💯 Kill 👊 Your to-do List 📋 like a Pro ✌️ ...

It's currently 4:50 on a cold winter's morning and I'm wide awake because my lovely cats decided to play. On my pillow. So I'm laying awake thinking about what I've got to get done today and it's freaking me out big time!! If you're like me and you're wondering about ways to kill your to-do list, my late night will help us both out.

I feel like I have so much to do and I hate feeling overwhelmed like this BUT thankfully I use these few helpful tips to get my head straight and smash out my to-do list for the day! Here's how to kill your to-do list today and every day.

1. Make a List

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I hate being unorganized and I feel if I have a list of what I want to get done and what needs to get done for the day I can cross them off as I complete them! I mean properly. Write it down on a piece of paper. That way you aren't trying to memorize 8 different things and you can visually plan how much time you'll need for each task. I have a little whiteboard in my room where my lists and appointments get written down and ticked off as I achieve them! This is the easiest of the ways to kill your to-do list so get started right now.

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