7 Ways to Have the Best Costume on Campus ...


7 Ways to Have the Best Costume on Campus ...
7 Ways to Have the Best Costume on Campus ...

Halloween can be a stressful time as we all look for ways to have the best costume on campus. Halloween in college is very different from Halloween as a child. You have the find the perfect costume to really stick out from a college town filled with other students trying to have a great costume. Follow these ways to have the best costume on campus and you are sure to turn heads on Halloween.

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Go Local

The easiest ways to have the best costume on campus is to go local. Find a figure that is specific to your school and create a costume around it. Does your school have any weird characters or an interesting history? For example, we have a popular pizza place at my school and one year my friend wore a giant pizza box as her costume. It was easy to make and super creative and everyone who has school pride will love yours.


Use Pop Culture

The typical witch or devil is so overrated. Use something more fresh and popular. Pop culture is a great place for inspiration because there is so much you can do with it. Dress up as a funny politician or your favorite TV character. Current events can be a great place to get creative as well. One year, my friends and I went as swine flu and we dressed up as pigs with surgical masks. Everyone applauded us on our creativity and we got to think outside of the box.


Take Weather into Account

If you go to a school up north, chances are it will be below 40 degrees by the time Halloween rolls around. While a revealing costume might seem like the cutest idea, you won’ t look so cute shivering across campus and getting sick with the flu. You can still have a cute outfit and stay warm. Dress up as an Eskimo or a wear pajamas and be a baby. Your friends will be so jealous of how cute AND warm you are.


You Don’t Have to Be Sexy

According to Mean Girls, “Halloween is the one night of the year that a girl can dress as a total slut and no one can say anything about it” but you don’t have to be overly sexy. In fact, some of the best costumes I have ever seen were the most modest. If you don’t feel comfortable in a costume that shows too much skin, ditch it. You have to be comfortable in your costume in order to rock it! If you don’t want to go sexy, go funny! Everybody loves a hilarious costume and it will look great that you care more about making people laugh than showing cleavage.


Get a Group

Why have a solo costume when you can roll squad deep with your besties? Get together with your friends and brainstorm an awesome idea to turn heads. I have seen a group go as different versions of Britney Spears or even as the gang from Anchorman. Group costumes stand out from the crowd and there are so many more ways you can get creative when you work as a team.


Make It Age Appropriate

When you were little it meant not showing too much skin or dressing to outrageous. Now it means your costume can be related to things that your peers are familiar with - drinking being the most popular. While not everyone on a college campus drinks, a drinking themed costume could be a stand out look at a party. I have seen a few groups dress up as Natty Lights or even go as different kids of liquor. It it always great to see how groups incorporate the drinks design in different ways.



Don’t waste your time and your money at a costume store this fall. They are over priced, over rated, and in general not as creative. DIY costumes are way more fun and give you so many more opportunities to get creative. People will be in awe of what you come up with. And you can save so much money by searching through thrift stores and raiding your friend’s closet. There is no need to ever buy a store-made costume when you have your creativity to let loose.

Having the perfect Halloween costume can be stressful, but if you follow these tips, you will be looking scary, cute, or hilarious in no time. What did you think about these ways to have the best Halloween costume on campus? What are some other tips to having the best costume? What are some great Halloween costumes you have come up with in the past?

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