7 Ways to Have a Smooth Sailing Holiday This Year ...


If you’re looking to take some stress out of your holiday this year, I have some ways to have a smooth sailing holiday season I’d like to share with you. I understand how crazy the holidays can be. We’ve had a large family my entire life, and bouncing around from house to house all day can leave you exhausted, especially if you’re hosting a dinner. I also used to work at a huge office, and gifts for everyone was another big cause of stress, even though the season is supposed to be one of enjoyment and happiness. Don’t let the holiday steal your joy. Just follow some of these ways to have a smooth sailing holiday season, and start now. Christmas is just a few weeks away, you know!

1. Make Some Lists

One of the first ways to have a smooth sailing holiday is to make some lists starting now. Not only should you make a list of gifts to buy, but also the food you’re going to need, wrapping supplies, and any decorating items. Seeing everything all down on paper takes some of the stress away immediately and helps you start a budget. Also, if you’re going to be traveling, write down everything you’ll need for that, including expenses and even your packing list.

Make a Budget
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