8. Canned Lighting

There was a stage where canned lighting on dimmers were all the rage, and every bathroom, office, kitchen and lounge space had ceiling crammed with these small, fussy lights everywhere. And while they provided a certain amount of charm and ambient lighting, to get enough light to quantify them as overhead lighting you end up looking like the ceiling has been stripped from a space ship. Less is more – and you should only use canned lighting as small touches to get the right lighting for your space.

There are no strict rules that dictate the ways to get your lighting right. Like pretty much any interior design there is some trial and error, but it is also a creative element of room dΓ©cor that is too often overlooked. You can spend an age choosing wall colors, furniture and accessories, but get the lighting wrong and the look you are trying to achieve may well elude you. These are just some ways to consider for successful room lighting, but have fun trying your own. Let us know your tips too.

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