7 Ways to Find More Time for Yourself Everyday ...

If you're like me, your hectic lifestyle leaves you constantly trying to uncover ways to find more time for yourself. I love my busy life, but sometimes I just want to spend a little time alone. Having downtime gives me a chance to recharge and relax. Trust me, I'm much better company after my daily me time. By getting a little creative, you can carve out a few ways to find more time for yourself.

1. Disconnect for 10 Minutes

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I have to force myself to do this one, but putting aside my smartphone and laptop for 10 minutes is a welcome break. All the app notifications, chatting on Facebook and trying to never miss a new tweet eat up precious time. One of the best ways to find more time for yourself is to trade the always connected life for at least 10 minutes in a quiet room either reading a book, meditating or enjoying a non-digital hobby. I love to read, so I always get at least a chapter in daily. Plus, it's a great break for my eyes to look at something that's not on a screen.

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