7 Ways to Find More Time for Yourself Everyday ...


7 Ways to Find More Time for Yourself Everyday ...
7 Ways to Find More Time for Yourself Everyday ...

If you're like me, your hectic lifestyle leaves you constantly trying to uncover ways to find more time for yourself. I love my busy life, but sometimes I just want to spend a little time alone. Having downtime gives me a chance to recharge and relax. Trust me, I'm much better company after my daily me time. By getting a little creative, you can carve out a few ways to find more time for yourself.

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Disconnect for 10 Minutes

Disconnect for 10 Minutes I have to force myself to do this one, but putting aside my smartphone and laptop for 10 minutes is a welcome break. All the app notifications, chatting on Facebook and trying to never miss a new tweet eat up precious time. One of the best ways to find more time for yourself is to trade the always connected life for at least 10 minutes in a quiet room either reading a book, meditating or enjoying a non-digital hobby. I love to read, so I always get at least a chapter in daily. Plus, it's a great break for my eyes to look at something that's not on a screen.


Schedule Time

Schedule Time It may sound way too simple, but it works. When I make my to-do list, I always schedule some well deserved me time. Usually, I add 10-15 minutes after a particularly time consuming or difficult task as a way to wind down and refresh before the next item on the list. By scheduling, I don't forget to spend some time on me. To make sure you don't just skip it, actually state what you want to do during your me time. You'll look forward to it and feel just a little better after having a breather during your busy day.


Ask for It

Ask for It My guy loves to constantly spend time together. I love that he wants to be around me, but sometimes I just need to be by myself. I took a few minutes and explained my need to be alone at least a few times a day to de-stress. He had no problems and actually reminded me when I got too busy. If you can't get a moment to yourself, talk to your partner, friends and/or family. They will understand.


Say "No"

Say "No" I love to help others and I'm well known for taking on way too much. After realizing I had almost constant neck pain and headaches from stress, I decided I need to start saying "no" sometimes. If someone asks me to do something, I check my to-do list. If I can't fit it in, I politely say no and explain I'm already full for the day. If possible, I offer to help out at another time. It's hard to get used to, but if you over-book yourself, you'll never find a second for yourself.


Limit Engagements

Limit Engagements While I love hanging out with friends and being a social butterfly, being constantly on the go isn't healthy. Instead, I started limiting how often I went out. I talked with my friends and we came up with a few days a week that worked best for all of us instead of scrambling to see them all separately. Another way I found to get more me time and still socialize is by inviting people over. Instead of driving somewhere, I can meditate for 20-30 minutes before everyone arrives. Everyone brings over food or an activity and we all clean up afterwards.


Set up Your Own Space

Set up Your Own Space Some of my friends are parents and they have a really hard time finding time for themselves. I love their solution and incorporated it into my own life. They set up a room or corner just for them. I like to make jewelry, so I set up a quiet space to escape to after a hard day. Everyone who knows me knows not to disturb me when I'm in my crafting area. Make sure the people around you know that your area is off limits so you're not constantly interrupted.


Meditate or Exercise

Meditate or Exercise I admit that I'm far to energetic to always spend time meditating, so sometimes I exercise instead. The great thing about these two activities is they only take 5-10 minutes. Find a quiet place between tasks and meditate or do a few of your favorite exercises. I love doing these when I'm having a hard time concentrating or I'm under a lot of pressure. They relax your mind and body so you can get back on track better than before. Plus, it's perfect me time.

The best way to find time for yourself is to make the time. With daily time for myself, I feel less stressed, more productive and happier. It doesn't matter what you do as long as it's just you. How do you carve out time in your busy day for a few minutes alone?

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I looove your post!! spending some quality time alone is irreplaceable :)

This is such great advice. My boyfriend loves spending all of his free time with me too. It's wonderful but I need my alone time. It's great that your boyfriend reminds you that you're too busy!

Some alone time is good, but I find I have too much. I wish other people would want to do things with me: not just family.

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