8 Ways to Discourage People from Approaching You in Public 🙅 ...

Being approached in public can range between being mildly annoying, profoundly irritating, a bit suspicious, and outright threatening. Sometimes, you simply don't want to be bothered with small talk. You might be extremely socially awkward and nervous about talking to strangers. The person approaching you might be hitting on you, either subtly or overtly, but if it's uninvited and unwelcome, then you don't want to deal with that, either. The point is, there are lots of reasons why you might not want anyone to bother you when you're out – you might be reading or thinking or simply relaxing – and that's totally okay. Because people can be a little … persistent, let's say, here are a few techniques you can try.

1. Look Busy

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If you notice someone approaching you or someone starts a conversation out of nowhere, just make yourself look busy. Type up a text to a friend, scroll through your email, rifle through your bag. You can do this if someone isn't taking the hint that you don't want to talk, too, or it can hopefully work as a deterrent. Some guys just can't be deterred, though.

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