7 Ways to Decorate with Faux Wood ...

When the seasons change so does our home decor and a trend that I love for fall is faux wood. I've seen it recently for wedding accessories like centerpieces, little bowls for the ring bearer, and now I have been inspired by the home decorating ideas on Martha Stewart ,who calls if Faux Bois, French for "False Wood". What I love about this faux wood **decorating idea is bringing the feel and warmth of fall indoors and filling your home with that feeling. Would you use these **7 Ways to Decorate with Faux Wood in your home?

7. Faux Wood Planter...

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Price: $62.00 @ Etsy/JadeFlower

Give your plants a more natural look with this fired stoneware clay faux wood planter. It's the perfect pot for succulents and would look great at the center of your table during a dinner party or even at a rustic chic wedding reception. The wood grain pattern has been impressed and then glazed to give the planter and included tray that beautiful shiny finish.

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