7 Ways to Deal with a Roommate ...

Second semester of college has officially pushed you off the edge and now you need ways to deal with a roommate. Well, you’ve opened up the right article to read with tips on how to handle difficult situations with a roommate!

1. Keep Open Communication

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One of the most important ways to deal with a roommate is to keep open communication. If you do not talk through issues, you both will spiral out of control. Don’t let things get ugly. If something is bothering you about her, confront her right away…don’t just wait and hope the problem will disappear on its own.

2. Compromise

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Like in any relationship, compromising is a must! The relationship between two roommates should be one with an open mind and an open heart. The only way to live in peace together is to meet in the middle. Let’s say she wants to play loud music at night because it helps her study but you can’t stand the noise. Suggest headphones. Bottom line: always be open to compromising.

3. Set Ground Rules

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Be careful not to set unrealistic rules. If you both go to sleep at different times, make a rule that lights go out at a certain time and whoever still needs to stay up to study can either go in the common room or stick around at the library. This is not to be harsh or sound like a dictator, but understand it takes two to tango. My roommate was a nursing major and we both set realistic goals about cleaning schedules, bedtime schedules, as well as study schedules and it created harmony!

4. Agree to Disagree

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Will you both see everything eye-to-eye? No. But that’s okay! You are both different people trying to live under the same roof; there will inevitably be things you will never agree with. When this happens, just agree to disagree but be respectful of each other’s opinions. As long as you both can talk and be civil with one another, that is the most important solution. There is no written rule saying: You must be best friends with your roommate.

5. Spend Time Apart

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Sure spending time together is great, but when things are difficult between the two of you it’s best to agree to spend some time apart. This will allow time to heal any conflicts that you may both be experiencing. I’ve seen many roommates put on fake smiles trying to pretend like nothing is wrong, while hoping for the problem to magically go away. Those are the roommates that inevitably end their friendship as well as their commitment to being roommates for the year. There is no need for the drama – just take some time to cool off.

6. Take Turns

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Yes, this tip sounds like I’m addressing 5-year-olds but the message needs to be conveyed. You are both adults and can therefore take turns in a very mature way. If one of the biggest reasons why the two of you fight or argue or get mad at each other is because one of you seems to be making all the decisions for the living arrangement, come together and discuss how to be fair about living peacefully for the remainder of the semester.

7. Talk with an RA

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If issues with your roommate seem to persist, go talk with your RA. I was an RA during my senior year of college so I can speak from experience that it is our duty to make sure all of the residents are enjoying their time on campus. Nobody wants to live in a room with someone who is just causing them grief, and the great news is that you don’t have to! An RA can come up with the final solutions to resolve the problem.

Living on campus during your college years should be enjoyable and memorable. If you are simply not having a good time living with your roommate, make sure to first try resolving the issue or, as mentioned, speak with your RA to assist in creating a solution. Which of these tips helped you the most?

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