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7 Ways to Complain and Get What You Want ...

By Rosalina

Complaining needn't be seen as something negative and there are some ways to complain and get what you want that you may find useful. Sometimes, we may be unhappy with the service we receive or the goods we're sold and it's in everybody's interests to make our thoughts known so that improvements can be made.I have a close friend who is not afraid to complain and if we're out for a meal and she is unhappy with anything, she will make it known. At first, I would try and hide under the table or bury my face in the menu but I soon came to realize that bad service and substandard products shouldn't be ignored. After all, it's our hard earned cash! So here are some ways to complain and get what you want without sounding like a whiner.

Table of contents:

  1. Calm
  2. Clarity
  3. Confidence
  4. Non verbals
  5. Don't rant
  6. Don't say sorry
  7. Present a solution

1 Calm

You might be angry but one of the ways to complain and get what you want is to remain calm. The rage might be building but count to ten, and then take a deep breath before approaching anyone.

2 Clarity

It's essential to be clear about what you're unhappy with. When you're calm you can be clear, and clarity will ensure that you can get your point across effectively. Think about what it is you're unhappy with and what you would like to achieve.

3 Confidence

Confidence is also key. Many of us like to avoid conflict but you're not doing anything wrong; you're merely exercising your rights as a consumer. You don't want to be looking down at the floor or looking unsure; they may feed off your lack of confidence and feel empowered as a result. Stand tall, be calm and clear and you're more likely to achieve a positive result from your complaint. Making a connection with the person you're complaining to will also mean you're more likely to achieve a successful outcome.

4 Non Verbals

Don't let your face betray you. If you're a serial smiler that's great, but there is a time and place for your smile and when you're telling someone you're unhappy with something, you need to pack it away for a moment. Well, until you're appeased that is. You don't have to frown or look like an angry monster, but be serious and convey your concern and dissatisfaction in your facial expression.

5 Don't Rant

As tempting as it might be to rant about what has happened, try to avoid this. It will make you seem a little neurotic and out of control if you start ranting and raving and this is unlikely to get you anywhere. Also, you don't want to elevate your stress levels, so focus on your breathing before you start to air your grievances.

6 Don't Say Sorry

Another thing to avoid doing is apologizing. Remember, you're the one who is unhappy with the situation so THEY should be apologizing to you. This is tricky, especially if you're a serial apologizer and find yourself saying sorry if someone bumps into you! If you're unhappy with the service or a product, you have nothing to apologize about.

7 Present a Solution

Think about what you want from the situation and what will appease you. Would you be happy with a refund or a token of their acknowledgement that they have made a mistake? Be realistic in your expectations. Knowing what you want will make you more confident and more likely to achieve a successful outcome from the complaint.

These are the best ways to complain. Do you have any hints and tips for complaining when you're unhappy with something?

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