7 Ways to Celebrate International Women's Day ...

The ways to celebrate International Women’s Day I’m going to mention here are fun, exciting and something you absolutely must try before you decide to make celebrating Women’s Day one of those things you “don’t have time for.” It’s our day, ladies, let’s make it count! Find the perfect ways to celebrate International Women’s Day below and start enjoying this great holiday!

1. Family Get-Together

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Blessed with a family full of amazing women yet in a bit of a time crunch? Why not organize a get-together and spend a fantastic ladies’ day with all of your favorite female family members? It’s one of those great ways to celebrate International Women’s Day and have a sort of a mini family meeting all in one! Ask the ladies to join you for dinner after a long working week, organize some kind of activity such as bowling or movies or, in invite them all to your house.

2. Sex and the City-Style Outing

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Celebrating Women’s Day this way with my girls back home would certainly be a fun experience! I’m not going to be able to make it work but hey, you might! March 8th falls on Friday anyways and that’s a pretty good day for putting together a really great outfit and meeting up with a few of your best friends! Check out a hot new club, restaurant or bar or, if there is no new stuff to check out, settle for a place you don’t get to visit too often or one that has a special place in your heart.

3. Romantic Dinner

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Okay, well this is a totally amazing way to celebrate International Women’s Day, too! The only difference is the fact that you won’t be the one making the dinner in question! You hubby should do the honors or, if cooking is not one of his strong sides, choose a restaurant for your dinner date. Who knows, he might be preparing you a surprise as we speak!

4. Short Holiday

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Thinking about traveling somewhere for the weekend? Well, why don’t you choose this special date to make it happen? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, especially considering today’s economy! Oh and hey, guess what? Most travel agencies offer special deals around Women’s Day, making it even easier for everyone to enjoy a short, on-budget holiday even after this date!

5. All-Female Road Trip

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Ah well, speaking about travels – how about we take the matters into our own hands, ladies? A road trip is a perfect way to have fun and experience something new! And fear not, you can never ever be too old to enjoy this adventure!

6. Make Your Own Tradition

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Women’s Day is not a universally popular holiday and, therefore, not as popular in some countries as it might be in others. If you’re living in a place in which this day is just another regular day, you can choose to celebrate it by starting a tradition of your own. Prepare some nice, small gifts for those special ladies in your life, educate your male friends, coworkers and family members and be the one to aid the popularization of this great holiday in your area!

7. Quality Time Alone

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You can have a lot of fun celebrating Women’s Day even if you aren’t in the position to go out and socialize with friends or exchange romantic gestures with your loved one! It’s not Valentine’s Day, after all – it about us, women, being strong and independent. And an independent lady should be able to have a good time even on her own. Right? I’m leaving the rest to your imagination – it can be a good book, movie, spa day… whatever you like!

What other great way to celebrate International Women’s Day can you think of and what are your plans for this date?

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