10 Tricks to Being One of the Guys ...


10 Tricks to Being One of the Guys ...
10 Tricks to Being One of the Guys ...

Looking for ways to be one of the guys? Some girls are comfortable at a spa day with a bunch of girls, and some girls are just as comfortable surrounded by a group of guys and watching some basketball. There are benefits to both of these personalities, but there are some tricks and catches when you are a girl that loves to hang out with guys. Here are some easy ways to be one of the guys.

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Get in-between Friends Relationships

When your girlfriends know that you have the in with a guy they may use you in order to get close to that guy. This leads to you getting stuck in the middle of your friends potentially budding or breaking romantic quest. This can be tricky to negotiate and could eventually lead to falling out if you aren’t careful.


This paragraph highlights the potential challenges that can arise when you have close friendships with both men and women. As a woman, being friends with guys can sometimes lead to being caught in the middle of their romantic pursuits, causing tension and potential fallout between you and your friends. This is an important aspect to consider when navigating friendships with men, as it can affect the dynamics of your relationships and require careful communication and boundaries to maintain healthy friendships. Additionally, it is important to be aware of any potential ulterior motives from your female friends when they know you have a close relationship with a guy, as this can also lead to complications in your friendships.


People Won’t Believe You Don’t Have Ulterior Motivation

“Yeah right, you hang out with all these guys and don’t want to sleep with any of them?” This will be a constant question you will receive from anyone and everyone and it will be hard to prove them wrong. This can lead to problems with any future dating prospects and boyfriends.


Many women struggle to be accepted as one of the guys, but it's not impossible. It can be difficult to prove to the guys that you don't have ulterior motives when it comes to hanging out with them. People may question why you don't want to date or sleep with any of them, and it can be hard to prove them wrong. This can create issues when it comes to future relationships and dating prospects. It's important to be honest and upfront with the guys and let them know that you aren't interested in anything more than friendship. Showing that you are a loyal friend and can be trusted can help the guys see you as one of them.


Girlfriends Will Always Have Their Eye on You

When a member of your boys crowd gets a girl, she will always have an eye on you and your interaction with the group. Your closeness with the guys can be seen as threatening to a girlfriend and will put you in some awkward situations with territorial women.


In addition to feeling threatened by your closeness with the guys, girlfriends may also feel left out or excluded from your male-dominated activities. This can lead to feelings of insecurity and jealousy, causing tension in your relationship. Furthermore, girlfriends may also be concerned about the influence your friends have on you and may try to control or limit your time with them. This dynamic can be especially challenging for women who are not used to being a part of male-dominated groups. It's important to communicate openly and address any concerns or insecurities your girlfriend may have to maintain a healthy balance in your relationship.


You Are Not Actually One of the Guys

Surprise! You’re not a guy, and when the guys think of explicit guy events or want a guy's only fantasy football league you will not be asked to join. They don’t mean this as a diss, they are just being guys. So don’t feel left out and share some time with your girls.


One possible additional fact to mention is that while it may seem exclusionary to not be included in "guy events" or activities, it is important to remember that these events are often centered around traditionally masculine interests and may not be of interest to everyone. Additionally, being included in a "guys only" fantasy football league may not always be a positive experience, as women may face discrimination or harassment in male-dominated spaces. Ultimately, it is important to find a balance between spending time with both male and female friends and not feeling pressured to conform to societal expectations of gender norms.


Experts at Thinking That Guys Aren’t Interested in More

As much time as girls spend with other guys, these girls are experts at misreading romantic intentions from friends or other guys. When you are natural around guys and comfortable being their friend, you might misread the attention for just another friendship.


According to a study by the University of Wisconsin, women tend to misinterpret friendly behavior from men as romantic interest. This is due to their natural inclination to form close friendships and feel comfortable around men. Additionally, societal norms and media portrayals often perpetuate the idea that men and women cannot be just friends. As a result, women may be more likely to assume that any attention from a male friend is a sign of romantic interest. However, this can lead to misunderstandings and miscommunications in friendships. It is important for women to be aware of this tendency and communicate openly with their male friends to avoid any confusion.


Mislabeled as a Flirt

This ease around guys makes you more comfortable talking to boys than other girls. So when you talk to new guys like this, they may see it as flirting when you are just buddying out.


This paragraph highlights the potential issue of being mislabeled as a flirt when you are simply being friendly and comfortable around guys. This can often happen when you are more at ease talking to boys than other girls, leading them to misinterpret your behavior as flirting. This can be a frustrating and unfair situation, especially if you are just trying to make friends and be one of the guys. It's important to remember that your intentions are what matter and not to let others' perceptions affect your behavior. It's also helpful to communicate clearly and assertively with guys to avoid any misunderstandings.


Guys Can Be Brutal

Advice is great from your guy friends because they come from a different place than your girlfriends. However, guy advice is way more brutal than girls. They will call you out on your shit and be blunt and straightforward in their opinion. So be ready.


In addition to being more blunt and straightforward, guys also tend to give advice without sugarcoating it. They are less likely to beat around the bush and will tell you exactly what they think, even if it may hurt your feelings. This can be a good thing because it allows you to see things from a different perspective and make necessary changes. However, it's important to remember that their brutal honesty comes from a place of wanting to help and support you, rather than to intentionally hurt you. So don't take their advice too personally and be open to constructive criticism.



When you’re hanging out with a bunch of guys, other guys will not be that motivated in coming over to hit on you because they are intimidated. Guys will also be protective of you and may want you only with the ‘best’ and try to distract you while you’re talking with a guy that they might not deem as good enough.


Cock-blocking is a common occurrence when a woman is hanging out with a group of guys. It happens when other guys are intimidated by the presence of a woman in the group and are less likely to approach her. This can also be due to the protective nature of the guys in the group, who may only want the woman to be with the "best" and may try to distract her from other potential suitors. This phenomenon is often seen in social settings and can be a barrier for a woman trying to make connections with new people. It is important for women to be aware of this dynamic and not let it discourage them from forming meaningful relationships with both men and women.


Proving You Know Your Stuff

Your guys will know that you know your sports, however, a lot of other guys may need proof of your intelligence simply because you are a girl. This will always annoy you and trigger your fight instinct.


In a male-dominated world, women often have to prove themselves in order to be taken seriously. This is especially true when it comes to sports, where women are often seen as less knowledgeable or passionate about the game. As a result, women may feel the need to constantly prove their intelligence and understanding of sports to gain respect from their male counterparts. This can be frustrating and triggering, as it perpetuates the stereotype that women are not as knowledgeable about sports as men. However, it is important for women to stand their ground and confidently show their expertise in order to break down these gender barriers.


You Will Need Your Girls

Boys are great friends, but you will need to be sure to make time for you girlfriends. Girlfriends need their time and will notice who you spend time with more than guys. So make sure you give them their time, for their sake and more for your sanity, and of course, we love our women.

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