7 Ways to Be Lovely ...

Oh to be called lovely! Isn't that what every woman wants? Read Lezlie's adorable post and you'll be well on your way to being the loveliest woman around!

Isn’t she lovely? Have you ever been called lovely before? It’s a timeless and romantic way to walk through life. If you’ve ever wondered how certain women seem to float through life in such a regal fashion, take note of the following tips!

1. Wear Pretty Dresses

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Dresses are feminine, timeless and convenient. Your idea of pretty may be different than the next woman. But every woman can find a dress to slip on that makes her feel beautiful. The classic A-line dress is flattering for any figure and can be found at stores like Anthropologie, Zara and H&M.

2. Find Your Signature Scent

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You don’t want your perfume to overpower your overall essence. You want your signature scent to compliment who you are and intoxicate for the moment. A light and unique perfume is much more memorable than a common body spray. Lines like Jo Malone offer special scents like Red Roses, Earl Grey & Cucumber, Wild Bluebell and Wild Fig & Cassis.

3. Don’t Curse

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Obviously you are going to get frustrated in life, we all do. Just learn to control your tongue in the heat of that passionate moment lady. You don’t have to be cheesy and replace what you really want to say with a word like «fudge». But, you can certainly find an alternative way to express your frustration. Say what you need to say without throwing in the sailor language.

4. Be Kind in Your Delivery

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We all have heard the proverb, «If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all». There’s another one that says, «A gentle answer turns away wrath.» It’s good to be assertive in life, but it’s necessary to learn kindness. Genuine kindness will get you far in life ladies. Everyone appreciates respect.

5. Fix Your Eyebrows

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Like your haircut, your eyebrows frame your most dominant part of your body. The perfect set of eyebrows can drastically alter your entire face. You don’t have to go to extreme measures like eyebrow tattooing to get them perfect. In fact, your eyebrows are more like cousins than identical sisters naturally. Just take time to groom the strays, brush them upward, and lightly pencil the sparse areas in to get a natural and strong shape.

6. Learn to Hold Your Liquor

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Every lady loves to have a good time. Just don’t be the woman who can’t hold her liquor in social settings. Be conscious of your limit. If you know that after two glasses of your beverage of choice you are going to turn into your less lovely alter ego, don’t cross the two line drink. Also, mixing your alcohol is never smart. If you start with wine, don’t jump to beer and decide it would be fun to end with Jack Daniels.

7. Learn to Give Compliments

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Do you like what another woman is wearing? Do you admire your friend’s talent? Don’t be afraid to give genuine compliments to other women. You never want to resort to flattery, just give compliments where they are due. You appreciate when you receive them, don’t you?

There are many ways to carry yourself through life. The most important point is to be your genuine self. Do you consider yourself lovely?

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