7 Ways to Achieve the Perfect Manicure ...


Who doesn't love a good manicure. Guest contributor Anna Sokolyuk shares her tips on how you can achieve the perfect manicure at home!

Believe it or not, you don't have to go to a salon to get beautiful, perfect nails. With the right tools and a great nail polish, you can be your own nail expert and get fab results!

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The Supplies

In order to give yourself a beautiful manicure, you have to have the right supplies ready. Here is a list of things you will need:

nail polish remover
cotton balls or cotton gauze
cuticle cream or vaseline
cuticle remover or cuticle pusher
nail trimmers, file, buffer
base coat
nail polish of your choice
top coat


Prepare Your Nails

File, cut, and buff your nails to your desired shape BEFORE you soak them in soapy water. Soaking your nails first can make your nails brittle and prone to breakage because the water weakens the nail beds. Cut your nails but not too short! You should be able to see the tips of your nails. File them in one direction.


Soak Your Nails

Get a bowl of warm water fill it with soap and soak your nails for about five minutes. This will remove any excess dirt and dead skin left on your finger tips and nail beds. This also softens your cuticles.


Caring for YOUR Cuticles

Many say it is not good to cut your cuticles. I am a firm believer that that statement is incorrect. I have been cutting my cuticles for five years now and love the way it makes my manicure stand out. For girls who have short nail beds, cutting your cuticles will make them look long and fabulous. It also makes the application of your nail polish neat. To prevent any injuries, cut them when they're moist. Since cuticles are dead skin around your nails, removing them should not hurt.



It is extremely important to keep your cuticles and hands moisturized at all times. Nobody wants dry damaged hands right? Putting vaseline on after you have finished prepping your cuticles will help them stay hydrated and very soft. It is also a good idea to moisturize your nail beds every night before you go to bed.


First Layer

Using a good base coat will help the polish stick to your nails better and stay on longer. Those of you who LOVE to use dark colors (like me!) will notice that most of the time they stain your nail beds. So use a base coat and let it fully dry before you proceed to paint your nails with your favorite color.


Paint Paint Paint!

Now that your base coat has dried, you are ready to paint your perfect nails. I usually go with two coats for my nails. Wait at least five minutes after your first coat and then proceed with the second coat. Let your nails fully dry and finish off with fast drying top coat! Voila, perfect manicured nails!

Now that you have read about how to get the best manicured nails in town, feel free to run over to the nearest drug store and get all the supplies you need.

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