8 Ways the Nudge πŸ‘‰ Theory Influences πŸ’­ You without 🚫You Realizing πŸ’‘ It ...


Have you ever heard of the nudge theory? It is a concept in behavioural science, economics, and political theory that explore the ways that small, subtle changes in policy can effect the ways that we live our lives on a big and small-scale basis. Experts talk about it as ways that prod us in to behaving a bit better, and gentle tweaks that encourage us to make the right decisions, or sometimes from a cynical stand point, the wrong decisions! To help you understand a little better, here are some ways the nudge theory influences you without you realising!

1. Queueing at Tills

When you queue up at a shop register and have to wait, you will see that there are lots of β€œimpulse buys” including little items, snacks, and such that are lined up along with you, trying to get you to add a few more things to your cart before you have to pay! If they are sugary snacks, this will be a bad decision, but if they are healthy, it’s a positive thing!

Waiting for the Train
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