7. “Bring Your Own Toys” Play

“Bring Your Own Toys” Play

Speaking about teaching your pet not to touch your things – one of the best ways to emphasize the difference between toys and things that aren’t meant for him to play with is to introduce toys at a very early age, name them and ask for them whenever your pet is in the mood to play.

My pet has a “ball,” a “toy,” a “girlfriend” and his towel, and he never ever touches anything else. It used to be a bit of a struggle when he was a pup but now that he’s all grown up and properly raised, not even my dad’s attempts to get him to play with socks and whatnot can change it.

What do you think about spoiled pets and owners who allow their pets to do whatever they want? And do you think that raising your pet right matters or believe the final outcome has more to do with a pet’s personality?

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