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7 Ways Manners Help You to Get What You Want when You Are Shopping ...

By Alicia

Here is the deal; manners can help you get what you want when you are shopping. I don’t know about you but shopping is serious business to me. I shop with a purpose in mind. If you are like me and your goal is to get what you want, let me show you how having good manners can assist you.

1 People like Manners in General

Okay, let’s just get right down to it. People like manners. When you are out shopping, you are among tons of people. This includes other shoppers, people just browsing and store personnel. Manners are only going to benefit you with everyone that you encounter and help you get what you want. Rudeness turns people off; manners draws people to you and increases your likeability.

2 The Sales Associates Will like You

When you are shopping, you want to have the sales associate in your corner. You want them to like you and manners can help you with that. After all, they are the ones on the floor working closest with shoppers. They are also often the ones that are ringing up your purchase. It makes sense to use your kindest manners with them.

3 You Can Sweet Talk the Sales Associates

Many times you can sweet talk the sales associate into going the extra mile for you if you have used the best of manners with them. This means that they may be willing to go in the back storeroom to look for the size you want that is missing out front. They might honor a coupon that is expired. They may give you a discount or help you to find the best deals. The bottom line is that they will do more for you if you are good to them.

4 You Get the inside Scoop

A lot of times, being kind to the store personnel will get you the inside scoop. They may tell you that if you wait another week, that item you are coveting will be on sale. They may tell you that another store down the mall is selling the same item for half the price. They may tell you if you can pull a coupon code up online that they will honor it in store. The point is that you will get a lot of inside info if you take the time to be polite and well-mannered with store staff.

5 Returns Are Easier

If you have been polite and made friends in the store, returns can be a lot easier. I don’t know about you but I hate to return things. As in, I would just about rather go to the dentist than deal with a return. So anything I can do to make the process easier, I am very much in favor of doing. If the staff likes you, they will probably make the process as painless as possible.

6 Other Shoppers like You

It is great if you can get the staff of the store to be your buddy through having outstanding manners. But there is something to be said if you can be polite to other shoppers, too. For one thing, it will make your stress level go way down if you don’t have to deal with conflicts with other shoppers. Secondly, other shoppers will sometimes do things like tell you to take the last item on the rack or other similar actions. There is a good reason to spread your manners far and wide when you are shopping.

7 You Can Get Opinions when You Want Them

I don’t know about you, but there are times that I want another opinion on something I am thinking of purchasing but I don’t have a friend along to give that to me. When I am in that situation, I can usually get a sales associate or even another shopper to step up and tell me what they think. There are times that this matters so much and helps you to make up your mind whether you should or shouldn’t make a purchase. Being friendly and having good manners helps you to get that opinion you are wanting. People are happy to help nice people.

Manners are something we should practice everywhere we go and in every situation. But they can certainly help you out when you are shopping. Have you found being well-mannered and polite helps you out in shopping situations?

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