7 Fantastic ✨ Ways for Students πŸ“š to save Money πŸ’Έ ...

There are so many ways for students to save money. Who doesn’t love getting free or discounted stuff? If you have to suffer through school, you may as well be rewarded for it right? Below we’ve compiled a list of discounts available to you as a college student. With so many ways for students to save money, you should be set all year long.

1. T-Mobile

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If you’re a student they will offer you $60 off the purchase of a smartphone and up to 20% off phone accessories. This is one of my favorite ways for students to save money.

2. Public Transportation

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Most public transportation systems will offer you a discount. Provo, Utah offers students free yearly passes, for example.

3. Museums

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Many museums will offer students free or discounted entrance. Check with specific museums to see what type of discount they offer.

4. Car Insurance

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If you have β€œgood grades,” major car insurance providers, such as Geico, Nationwide, Farmers, Statefarm and Allstate will offer you a 15-25% discount.

5. Pocket Points

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This app will give you points for not using your phone while you’re on campus. You can redeem these points for free items or discounts at restaurants, like Chick-fil-a or Jamba Juice, and activities like rock climbing. It’s also custom to your school, so they include discounts at local stores as well.

6. Clothing

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Many clothing stores will give students a discount when they present a student ID, including Toms, Banana Republic and J. Crew.

7. Shipping

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FEDEX offers students a 20% discount on any shipping services when they present a valid student ID.

There are so many discounts available out there for students. Many of these discounts are not well known and the best way to discover them is just to ask.

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