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There are many ways a psychology degree can help you in your life. When I first started college I had no idea what I wanted to major in, but after taking my Introduction to Psychology class, I was hooked! While there are many degrees that are extremely interesting and beneficial, I found my psychology degree to aid me in so many more ways than I ever expected. Here are a few ways a psychology degree can help you, not just in your career path, but in your life in general!

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Getting a Job

One of the most obvious ways a psychology degree can help you in life is getting a job. Many companies are looking for students coming out of college with a degree in psychology, particularly in their human resources departments. Having a college degree can often give you a wider range of options when looking for a full-time career, even if you decide to pursue something other than a psychology-oriented field.


Better Relate to Others

Another way a psychology degree can help you in your life is in your relationships with others. While not every psychology curriculum is identical, most include some sort of social psychology class. The study of social psychology deals with how people interact and relate to others. Having an understanding of social dynamics has helped me better relate to my family and friends, since it opened my eyes to how others' perceive my actions. I use this knowledge to monitor my own actions and to have the best relationships I can.


Help Resolve Conflict

Conflict is a normal part of life, but understanding what can cause conflicts and how to troubleshoot them can help buffer their outcomes. When you can understand what makes people angry, hurt, or sad, you can often avoid (or at least resolve) many conflicts. Two main points that I picked up from my psychology classes regarding conflict are: being understanding of others' points of view and listening to what they are saying during a conflict. These tips help combat defensiveness, and I use them quite often!


Communicate Better

In addition to helping with conflict, psychology classes can help you understand effective communication. Many people lack basic communication skills, but these skills are vital for your professional and social life. It's inevitable to come into contact with people you don't get along with, but knowing how to mitigate problems with effective communication can make your life a whole lot easier. My psychology classes helped me realize that a big first step in communicating better is by avoiding miscommunication and keeping communication lines open. These are such obvious tips that are all too often neglected!


Discover Who You Are

Personality psychology, cognitive psychology, and developmental psychology classes can all help you discover who you are as a person. I learned so much about myself from these classes, such as my strengths and weaknesses and where I stand in relation to others. Tests such as the Big Five, MMPI, and Myers-Briggs are common diagnostic tests that you will take in these classes, but you can also find them online if you are interested in figuring out more about yourself!


Understand What Kind of Help is Available

For most of my life, I lived on the perfectionist route. In high school I began suffering from panic attacks, eating disorders, and severe anxiety. I hid how I was feeling, as well as all of my disorders. When I took a clinical psychology class in college, it opened my eyes to different ways I could get help. While not everyone has debilitating disorders, if you do feel like you have an ailment that is interfering with your life, learning about the different options that exist can be really reassuring.


Realize You're Normal

Above all, one of the best things I got out of my psychology degree was the reassurance that I was not all that different from everyone else. While each of us is unique, humans share more qualities than we realize. We often think that we are the only ones who have dealt with certain situations, or that no one else could feel the way we do; but this is so far from the truth. I thought going through my psychology classes would make me thing I had every ailment in the book, but it thankfully did just the opposite!

Have you ever considered getting a degree in psychology? If so, what are some other benefits this degree could offer?

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You can get your Bachelors in psychology and masters in social work but, some schools do offer a BSW a bachelors in social work and the good thing about a psych degree is that it's broad and you can do anything with it, I wanted to do social work but I changed my mind I stuck to psych and I'm glad I did because i had a change of heart and I want to work with individuals with autism and if I did social work I would have had to back track but it all depends on you and what you want to do:)

I cans decide between psych and social work

Hahah this is so true! I'm currently studying psychology :)

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