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9 Ways a Guy Can Impress a Girl with His Car ...

By Jennifer

Cars and women may be a guy’s two favorite things, but how well do they mix? How can a guy impress a girl with his car? For starters, I’m always impressed when a guy HAS a car… and when a repo man’s not after it… that’s a good place to start! But there are more… here are 9 ways a guy can impress a girl with his car, thus combining his two favorite things: cars and women.

1 It’s Clean

Fellas, it doesn’t matter if you have the coolest car on the face of the planet — if it’s dirty, you’re not going to impress a girl with your car. When we girls see a messy car, we automatically assume, fair or not, that the guy inside, and his life, are also messy.

2 Two Words: Heated Seats

Is there anything worse than sliding onto a cold leather seat in the middle of winter, especially if you’re wearing a little black dress? Nope. That’s why a guy can really impress his woman by having heated seats. I know they come standard on most models now, but they still wow me.

3 Nice Wheels

While most guys think women may not notice these things, we do. Tires and wheels are important! We girls may not like the over-the-top wheels (like spinners, yuck!) but we do like sharp-looking wheels… especially when they’re not covered in grim brake dust (see item 1).

4 Good Sound System

We girls absolutely do NOT want our ears drums to suffer while riding in your car, but we also want to enjoy music while we’re driving with you. A good sound system is a must, then. Just use restraint and remember that if it’s too loud or too bass-y, we won’t come back for a second ride.

5 Lots of Power

You already know this, guys: power is sexy. So we like a car with lots of power, and we love the low rumble of a muscle car, new or vintage.

6 It’s Eco-friendly

By the same token, some of us might like guys who drive eco-friendly cars. As a greener (hippy chick) myself, I think highly of a guy who drives a Prius or Volt. Some girls might not think it’s sexy, but I sure do!

7 He Knows How to Maintain It

Guys, there’s nothing less sexy than a man who can’t tell what’s wrong with his car. Even I know that squeaky brakes need replacement, and what each of those dash lights mean. Study up, learn to change your own oil, and for goodness’ sake know how to change a flat!

8 Bumper Stickers or Window Clings

While one or two small stickers or window clings aren’t a bad thing, an overabundance of them looks messy and sort of ridiculous. Think you’re hiding a spot of rust under that Obama 2012 sticker? Not a chance… and also try to keep the obscene stickers to a minimum, okay?

9 He’s a Responsible, Considerate Driver

Road rage isn’t sexy. Cutting people off, yelling at other drivers, driving like a speed demon, also not sexy. Be as considerate on the road as you would be in your real life, and that will impress us more than anything else.

Now that you’ve read my list of the best ways to blend your car and your woman, and impress a girl with your car, which of these surprised you? Which do you think is silly? Or is there something else you’d add to my list? Do tell!

Top Photo Credit: lindseyy.

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