5 Warning Signs of a Fake Friend ...

Here are 5 signs of a fake friend. If your “friend” displays any of these signs, it might be time to let them go. 🤷🏽‍♀️


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It’s great to have a fun, open relationship with all your friends, but if your friend says something really hurtful and follows it by saying ‘just joking’ or ‘just kidding’ they may not be kidding. If you call them out on it and they say you’re ‘too sensitive’ that’s a major problem. You should always be comfortable around your friends.


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In a friendship, there should be some giving ... but if a friend is constantly asking you for things this is a red flag. There’s nothing wrong with paying for food, or letting a friend borrow your perfume but if your friend is always asking for something, watch out. They are using you.


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Friends are suppose to lift you up and get excited when something major happens. If you ace a test you were worried about, get a new job, or find the love of your life - your friend should be one of the first people to say congrats. If they don’t, they may secretly be jealous. No matter what anyone says, your friends are supposed to root for you and your success.

4. STRETCHES the TRUTH 80% of the TIME

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We have all told a white lie, but if your friend is always stretching the truth, this is a major problem. How are you going to be able to trust what she says if she can’t tell the truth? A liar is not good to have as a friend. You should be able to trust your friends.


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I don’t care what anyone has told you, true friends will listen to you vent all the time. If your friend keeps talking and telling you about things, but never allows you to get a word in or asks about your day - they are not your friend. Friends care about their friends emotional and physical well being.

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