Wait Till You See 😱 These πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‡ Strange Myths πŸ’­ about Easter 🐰 ...


Even though it is one of the most celebrated holidays of all time, there are some strange myths about Easter. Easter has had its fair share of myths and superstitions associated with it throughout the centuries. While many seem cute and harmless, there are some that are considered to this day as unusual or controversial. Read on to discover some strange myths about Easter.

1. Easter and Ishtar

A commonly known and very strange myth related to Easter – especially popular during the past few years – seems to point out the Middle Eastern Goddess Ishtar as being the source of the Easter Holidays. Historical findings, however, show that Ishtar had very little to do with any rabbits and eggs, and the word Easter seemed to have originated in Germanic languages somewhere around 700 CE – quite far away from Ishtar's domain, both in space and time.

The Easter Bunny's Origins
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