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The list of things to do with your cell phone is probably endless, but there are some things you just shouldn’t skip when it comes to yours. Each of the items on this list are things that can protect you and improve your quality of life while also ensuring that you’re getting the absolute everything from a device you’re paying a tidy sum for. Check out these things to do with your cell phone and you’ll see it in a whole new light.

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Input Emergency Info

Imagine being all alone and getting into an accident or having a medical emergency. How would anyone know who to call? That’s why it’s important to add a contact called “ICE” in your list of phone numbers, probably the most important of the many things to do with your cell phone. That stands for “in case of emergency.” Most medical and emergency personnel are trained to scan your cell phone to find this information so it can be a real lifesaver. Use the name and number of a person you would want contacted, such as your spouse, parents or best friend. That way if you can’t make the call, someone can do it for you.


Protect It

I dropped my phone the other day and it cracked the screen pretty badly. Luckily, it still works, but it could just as well have been ruined. Protect your phone by putting it in a case that will keep it from being damaged when it slips out of your hand. You might also consider a screen protector. I’m for sure getting one on mine so I don’t have to face this problem again. At the same time, protect your phone with the warranty or insurance so you can have it repaired without a huge out of pocket cost.


Clean It

Phones can get pretty germy, so it’s a good idea to wipe yours down now and then. I use rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball because it kills germs, but it’s also safe to use on the screen. I do the same with my laptop. Wipe the back too. This keeps bacteria that can make you sick or cause you to break out on your face at bay. Never clean your phone with water because that can ruin it.


Exercise with It

I’m not suggesting that you blab away while you’re on the treadmill. That’s just rude. However, there are loads of great apps that can help you monitor your progress, give you new workout ideas and track weight loss and goals. Type the specific aspect of exercise you want to find in your app store and browse through what’s out there. You’re sure to find one that meets your needs and wants.


Save Money

You might be wondering how something that costs so much to buy and use could possibly save you money. It can! Download money saving apps and you’ll start having a few extra bucks here and there. Ibotta pays you back for taking short surveys on items at the grocery store. I love the Target Cartwheel app because I get to choose what items I save on. Coupons.com is another great one. You can pick your coupons then have them sent to your email for printing. Kickback is an app that gives you points for visiting certain stores. You can cash them in for gift cards when you reach a goal. These are just a few – check your app store for more.


Eat Better

Just like your app store can help you get the most out of your workout routine, it can also help you meet your healthy eating goals. Fooducate is one great option. Use it to scan bar codes and the app will give the food a grade along with suggestions for better choices. Gluten Free Scanner is ideal if you must follow a gluten-free diet. Again, you scan the bar codes and learn if an item is gluten-free.


Put It down

Most people spend their lives glued to their phone. That’s just not healthy. Put the phone down and enjoy face-to-face interactions with your kids, spouse, family and friends. When the urge to check my Facebook or play Candy Crush hits, I just remind myself that I don’t want my kids to grow up and say that mom was always on her phone. I leave my phone in the kitchen when I sleep and I always leave it home when I take the kids to the park or out into the backyard to play. Take a break from your phone and you’ll reap so many rewards.

What do you use your phone for most? I couldn’t live without mine, but I sure do love to have it out of my sight once in awhile!

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Thanks for the ICE tip. I was unaware of that. Going to do it right now!

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