9 Very Last Minute Things to Help You Prepare for the Holidays ...

Is the pressure of Christmas and New Year's Eve getting to you? Breathe... Relax... Here are some things that I hope will help you. Again, breathe.
Stocking Stuffers: Sparkly Under $50
Holiday Decor to DIY
@Love Twenty
Additional Gifts to Give --- Cute and Cheap Edition
@College Gloss
Relax and Indulge: Chocolate Mixes to Whip Up
@Small Kitchen College
More Lovely Gifts Ideas: Go Handmade from Etsy
@Early Twenties
Party Prep: Holiday Hairdo
Party Prep II: Festive Manicure
Party Prep III: Happy Colors for Your Outfit
@College Candy
Party Prep IV: New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas
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