7 Verbal Mistakes You Make ...

Did you know that the way you speak plays a big part in how you are perceived? First impressions and lasting impressions are also formed based largely on the way you speak. Surprising to find that your voice plays such a big part in something like that, huh? There are certain verbal mistakes you make that could be turning people off big time. Your boss, your boyfriend, your friends, even clients and customers can feel insulted and belittled by you and all simply because of verbal mistakes you make! I don't mean the words you choose. Puzzled? Keep reading my article on 7 verbal mistakes you make and you will know exactly what I mean!

1. Up-speaking

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You know how somebody sounds when they ask a question? How their tone ends in a sort of high pitch? Well, linguists call that "up-speaking" and most people tend to do it even if they're not asking a question. This is largely because of insecurity or uncertainty and it's a huge verbal mistake that is commonly made. It's not only unpleasant to the listeners, but if you never believe what you are saying, how can anyone else? It's best to make certain that you end each sentence positively and firmly leaving no room for doubt or criticism.

2. Creaky Voice

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You can blame creaky voice on any number of things from smoking,to habit or even laziness. No matter what the culprit is, no one wants to hear someone talk when it sounds like they have been chewing gravel all day long! Try to focus on pay attention to the tone of your voice and make sure you sound assertive, clear and even. This is one verbal mistake you make that's not going to get you anywhere in life, so make sure you aren't found guilty of it!

3. Teeny-bopper Language

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"So like, you know, I was in this store the other day, and I was kinda like, shopping and these totally cool shoes absolutely grabbed me and I was like, you know I have to buy these like, now!" Wow. There's a time and place for everything, but may I point out that work, dates, or any other setting outside of chilling with your girls, isn't it. You should never hear this kind of language from your pretty little mouth! You are a mature, grown woman, who is focused and knows what she wants in life, so you need to sound that way.

4. No Enunciation

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One of the 7 verbal mistakes you make that is probably the most common is not enunciating words enough. Ever hear somebody say "I'm going out for a run" And you though they said "I'm never going to be done"? That's because they don't enunciate their words clearly enough. Don't murmur and mutter and stutter and whatever you do, make sure you enunciate your words distinctly and clearly so that you are understood. You want to be taken seriously, right?

5. Cursing

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It's one thing when you jump out of bed at night and stub your toe and there's no one else around to hear you. But when you are around others, you should present yourself as a lady with a ladylike mouth. If you are worried about fitting into the male world at work, don't be. Show your worth by being loyal, available and ready at all times. You don't need to sound like a sailor in order to do that!

6. Thoughtless Slang

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Don't make the verbal mistake of talking as if you are on the street. It's never nice to call someone a retard or shoot down their ideas, even if they aren't all that great. Use tact when speaking to co-workers, friends, and neighbors and you will be respected more for it. A sharp retort won't get you anywhere and you may think you look cool, but you only look just the opposite of cool. And please don't say "yo man, wussup?" to your boss!

7. Muttering

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Wellihopeyoucanunderstandmebutifnotit'sok. Ever meet somebody who talks like that? Not a pleasant sound on the old ears eh? I know we've all had our moments of muttering under our breath, but please don't make it a habit! If you ever want to be considered polished speak clearly and loudly and enunciate your words. Work on it! It will pay off!

Now that you know the 7 most common verbal mistakes you make, you will be able to avoid them at all costs! As a result, you will come off much more mature and always ready. Don't you love that feeling? I know I sure do! Which of these verbal mistakes do you plan to avoid?

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