7 Venomous Snakes You Need to Avoid ...

I didn’t need to watch Snakes on a Plane to know I need to avoid venomous snakes! Living in the UK, it’s actually not much of a problem; the countryside is hardly overrun by snakes. Snakes probably do get a bad rap. They have an amazing variety of patterns and colors (think – don’t all kids love to draw and color snakes?) and live in all sorts o habitats. Personally, snakes have never bothered me, but I still appreciate the need to avoid the ones that present a risk; especially these venomous snakes:

1. Rattlesnake

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The rattlesnake is probably the most courteous of the venomous snakes on this list. You at least get a small rattle when you get too close. If the rattlesnake bites, it can quickly lead to degenerating organs and paralysis. Even with anti-venom, the chances of survival still aren’t 100%.

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