7 Userfriendly Apps with Awesome Interfaces ...

If you have a smartphone, chances are you are using apps...and loads of them! Hirva investigates which apps are user friendly and look good. Thanks Hirva!

Apps, apps, apps! They are everywhere aren't they? Using apps becomes a pleasurable journey only if its design is user friendly and attractive, neat and clean. So let’s quickly check out some cool apps which have some great interfaces.

1. What’s in My Bag

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This app helps you organize items that are in your bags and purses. It's a beautiful app with a feminine touch. The items which you enter in the app are seen as studded pink flowers on a handbag. You tap the flower and you can view your item. Even the tutorial feature has really nice effects. The overall design idea makes you feel that the app is rightly made only for women.

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