7 Useful Tips on How to Spot a Pathological Liar ...


I believe it’s extremely important to learn how to spot a pathological liar. Pathological lying is also known as compulsive, chronic or habitual lying; it is not itself a diagnosable mental illness even though it often correlates with an impressive number of mental disorders. Pathological liars are actually addicted to lying and a lot of studies have shown that most of them do that because they seek attention. Compulsive liars often tell unbelievable stories, they often exaggerate and sometimes they might even paint themselves in the light of victimhood just to gain some attention. A lot of studies also show that people with a low self-esteem are more likely to lie in a compulsive way in order to make themselves feel better about how they look, about what they have in life and about their accomplishments. Being lied to on a regular basis can be pretty frustrating, since you feel disrespected and deceived. Here are a few useful tips on how to spot a pathological liar:

1. Understand What a Pathological Liar is

If you want to learn how to spot a pathological liar, first understand what a pathological liar is. Dr Bharat Shah, psychiatrist, says that “Like an addiction to anything more tactile, such as drugs or alcohol, gambling or sex — compulsive liars feel pleasure upon the stating and completion of a lie,” and “Telling the truth is not half as much fun and can actually affect them with ‘withdrawal symptoms’.”. Compulsive liars often find the truth almost physically uncomfortable for them and most pathological liars would even tell stories that are self-incriminating just to seek attention.

Establish a “Truth Baseline”
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