9 Unusual Animals and What Makes Them Different ...

I love animals of all sorts and I love to watch wildlife documentaries to see what wonderfully weird and unusual animals I’ll be shown. I think it’s totally amazing that we are still discovering new animals around the world, which is a good thing considering we’ve managed to make plenty extinct in our time. Here are some unusual animals and why I find them interesting.

1. The Duck Bill Platypus

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This one has to come top of any list of unusual animals because only it and the echidna are mammals that lay eggs. All other mammals reproduce by giving birth to a moving and breathing creature. The duck billed platypus is a mixture of beaver and duck and rather cute. Echidnas are spiny anteaters and are cuter than they sound, looking a little like a porcupine mixed with a duck billed platypus. The platypus is only found in Australia, while the Echidna also found its way to New Guinea

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